Drought Relief with Infosys

As much of the area around Gadag District Ron, and Mundargi is suffering badly from the drought – many villagers simply do not have drinking water.  The Government projects to help them are inadequate – on 20th February the following was reported in the news: “Annigeri Village to receive from the Government only three tankers of water per month and 2 hours of corporation river water 1 x in 15 days.. a village of 6000 people with no water there.”  How are people expected to survive the summer months?

Infosys Foundation is once again putting their hand in their pockets to bring relief to 32 villages.  Last year SRDS carried out the drought relief project and again this year they have asked us to organize and conduct the water deliveries.

In summer of 2017,  we conducted surveys and took the details of thousands of households.  Each household has been issued with a smart card – which will be scanned on the delivery of their water ration.  In this way fair delivery is assured.

Today tanker drivers are being trained – the tankers must be regularly checked for cleanliness and the water delivered must be of high quality.  It is a operation that requires much documentation and reporting – SRDS is proud to stand with the huge generosity of the Infosys Foundation to help bring lifesaving water to those in such dire need.