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  • Dried up bore wells?
  • No water for your cattle?
  • High mineral content in your water?
  • In debt with no income to repay the creditors?
  • Irrigation pipes lying unused for lack of water?
  • Crops failing or poor yield due to drought?
  • Do you need to leave home to look for work?

Its time to consider recharging your bore wells – we can help you with simple technology to implement this life saving solution to your water problems.

Farmers click here to find out more.

City dwellers click here to discover how we can assist you to comply with latest government rain water harvesting regulations at low cost for a permanent solution.

Industry – do you have a big roof space, poorly producing bore well and a high demand for water for your factory? Click here to discover how we can help you.


Income from both Urban and Industrial implementation helps SRDS to assist the farmers struggling with drought conditions and dried up bore wells on their farms.