Pure Water Project

SRDS supplies a pure drinking water solution for villages where drinking water is in short supply.  With the collaboration of the Panchyat (village governing body) we install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter system.  The Panchyat supplies the storage shed, as well as the water supply.  The initial cost of this unit  is Rs 3,50,000 and this initial investment is repaid over a period of 3-4 years as the villagers purchase the water at the rate of Rs 3 for 20 litres.

RO system

A small price to pay for pure water especially in areas where the toxicity of the ground water causes ill health in the population.  For example in the Gadag area the levels of flouride in the ground water are high and the negative effects of this toxicity can be clearly seen in the villagers health.

The system seen on the left produces 1000 litres of RO water per hour so a large population can be serviced by this supply.

RO System2


We are actively seeking donors or investors who would like to be involved in this project to supply pure potable drinking water to rural villagers who have little or no access to clean water.

Contact us here is you would like to assist us in this project.  Or call +91 99868 40730.