Why Water

Without Water – we cease to exist.

Our farms will dry up and blow away in the wind, our cattle will perish and our lands become worthless. We cannot imagine a world without water – it is the source of our lives and the lifeblood of the Mother Earth. And yet we treat it as if there is a never ending supply. We waste it, throw our garbage in it, and allow it to flow into the sea without check during the rains.

It is said that the next world wars will be fought over water. And already we see many signs of this in our own communities.

As climate change looms, and the weather patterns become more and more erratic we must stop viewing water as a resource and begin understanding that it is time to give back.

What does that mean to give back?

It means harvesting the rain as it falls, and channeling it back into the earth to be stored in the natural earth tanks – the aquifers.
It means respecting our water ways – cleaning our rivers and ponds and ensuring that contaminants no longer find their way into the precious water.
It means returning to the understanding that water is sacred – as we use it in all of our ceremonies whatever faith we follow – let us now bring that honouring of our water back into our daily lives.

Turn off the tap
Repair the drips,
Don’t let that tank overflow
Catch the rainfall
Channel our grey water onto our gardens
Keep our sewer water out of our water ways and aquifers.

We can help you –

Farmers – work with us to recharge your bore wells – to construct farm ponds and bunds to assist your supply of water.

Industry Owners – look to your rooftop and bring our experts in to harvest the rain for your use in your factories and industry.

Home Owners – and Building Societies – Construct Water Harvesting structures to recharge your bore wells and comply with the Government regulations while supporting the Earth and saving you money as well.