Start A Fundraiser

You Can Change Lives

For every farmer who works with us to bring water to his land – there are many more people who benefit. His family is first – but then those who work with him and the people who live nearby. Water is universal – it does not belong to you or me – and as the farmer’s bore well acts as a channel to add water to the underground water table – that water table rises in his area. So you see if you can help us help the farmers people’s lives change for the better.
With more water the farmer can grow more crops, his family can eat well, his children can go to school and he can afford health care. Water is the underlying solution for so many ills in our world. Especially clean water.
So if you are having a special occasion in your life – a birthday – an anniversary – a time for gifts, turn it into a fundraiser to give water to an Indian family – ask your friends and family to help give water to those in need.

We will be more than happy to provide you with assistance for photos, stories and more to support your efforts. Contact us here and lets talk about how you can help.