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What is bore well recharge?

Very simply it is a method of sending harvested rain water to the area surrounding the bore well and using the shaft of the bore well to act as a channel to take the rain water into the underlying aquifer.  Therefore uses the aquifer as an underground storage ‘tank’ for your rain water harvesting.

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How much area is required for the recharge pond?

It depends on the area but for rural implementation, the minimum area is 8 metre by 4 metre with a depth of 3 metres.  In Housing Societies we use an infiltration well which requires a smaller area – 1 metre by 1 metre – depth 2 metres.   This can also be covered so that parking or a garden can be placed on top of it.

Can you use my rooftop rainwater?

Most definitely.  We use this method for both urban (housing society) or industrial implementation.

The equation used to calculate the amount of run off from a rooftop is as follows:

For example in Mumbai:
The Mumbai District area receives an avg rainfall of 1800 mm.  The formula is:
Volume in litres = avg rainfall in mm X area in sq mts

If the roof area is approx 2,500 sqm – therefore av rainfall – 1800 mm x 2,500 sqm = 45,00,000 – considering 80% efficiency you could expect 36,00,000 litres would be sent to your subsoil and ground water tables every year.

Can I recharge my open well?

This is difficult because during the rainy season the open well is full so we cannot direct more water to that well.  The well is  much more shallow than the bore well and is not connected to the level of aquifer that bore well recharge addresses.

How much does it cost to recharge my dried up bore well?

The investment in recharging your bore well is dependent on many factors.  For rural situation it can be between Rs30,000 to Rs50,000 dependent on the availability of supplies such as sand, stones etc.  Industrial and Urban recharge systems cost is also dependent on the individual set up.  Our methods however are very cost effective and we can visit your organisation or farm and give you an estimate.  (for industrial and urban quotations we do charge a minimal consultation fee for the quote).

Can you come to my farm to advise me on my options?

We are every happy to visit your farm and give advice on your requirements. However if you wish a representative to visit it we are unable to come for individual farmers.  We suggest you organise a group of interested farmers in your area and we will be more than happy to present our solutions to you for your water needs.

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