Success Story from Anantapur

By | November 6, 2017

Last week we visited Anantapur.  We had done 75 borewell recharge implementations here just prior to the onset of monsoon.  Now we returned to see the results.  It was extremely heartening – seeing the flow of water from previously dried up borewells – hearing the reports of farmers who are now able to irrigate their whole acreage – and grow more than one crop per year.  Here is a short clip from Varalakshmi who has increased the area of irrigation from 1 1/2 acres to 5 acres.

An excellent result and only one of many farmers we visited with very similar stories. This means a positive effect not only for the farmer but also for his family and for the landless labourers in the area as his need for labour with the increase in cropping will employ many especially at harvest time. This project is with thanks to Save Indian Farmers

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